Friday, August 5, 2011

Fried Apples with Pomegranate

There is nothing like a fresh crisp apple, but frying them is a great option when the apples are less than pristine and pomegranates are in season. 

The Menu
Braised and Shredded Lamb
Roasted Vegetables
Fried Apples with Pomegranate*

About one apple per serving.
Pomegranate Seeds

I do not peel the apples.  A good scrub works just fine.  Dry them. Slice about 1/4" thick.  Sprinkle them with cinnamon.

For two apples, melt 1Tsp butter in a medium skillet over medium low heat.   Add the apples and stir to cook the slices with butter.

Cook uncovered until apples are lightly browned and tender.

Add pomegranate seeds. 

I must take full responsibility for this recipe.  It seemed the apples needed a bit of cheering up and the bright red pomegranate seeds did the trick quite nicely.